White Tea Sample Gift Set

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Each Gift Box includes 4 different teas with 6 double infusion tea bags per tea type, a total of 24 tea infusion bags.

 Kenya White Tea / His Majesty's Tea  

This is a citrus white tea with a sweet orange blossom taste. The finish is calm and smooth. Hints of white peppercorn linger in every sip adding a warming touch to every sip. A rare and special African white tea. The perfect surprise in taste and finish.   The caffeine level is mild to low. 

KENYA Jasmine White Tea / Samburu Blanc Tea Blend 

Tribes of East Africa have been associated with farming tea such as the name sake of this tea (Samburu). Today many produce tea as a cash crop and this tea brings you to the magical taste Kenyans white teas have. The jasmine flower blossoms known by the majority of nutritionists as being an adjuvant in losing weight. A perfect tea for circulation and relaxation. The soft characteristic of this Kenyan white tea will offer a beautiful cupping and tasting results. 

Kenya White Tea - The Safari Seduction Lavender Mint Tea 

This tea is full of lavender flowers and mint leaves that awaken the soft flavor profile of the Kenyan Nandi Rift Valley White Tea. The lavender flowers, so amazing and soothing. This tea is perfect for a loving cup of tea. Soothing, calming and magical in taste. The caffeine level is mild. 

Kenya White Tea / Nandi Rift Valley White Tea Rare 

Producing amazing white teas for many years Kenya is a key producer. The Nandi region is one of the oldest and best tea producing regions of Kenya, with it's rich highland soil, rains and warm sun. This environment allows teas to be harvested year round, but the best are harvested in Jan/Feb and then again in July. High quality and increasing quantity of white tea production in Kenya propelled it to a major player in the tea market, ranking Kenya 3rd in the world after China and India. This particular white tea leaf has a pale green hue; with many whole leaf tips of green and brown leaves and stems. The quality and care of handling is apparent in the leaf. Its taste is smooth, with a mild hints of roasted Barley. This would be a fun change to the white teas that you are already familiar with. Mild Caffeine.