Dakar Lemon Bissap - Hibiscus Lemon Tea

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12 Each (16 oz. Infusion Pouches, 1 Pouch Per 16 oz. of water)

Brewing Instructions Included

Served Iced or as a Hot Herbal Bissap Tea.

Lemon Bissap is a citrus lemon infusion blended with hibiscus flowers.

A Yummy and refreshing hibiscus tea beverage.

Native to the old world tropics, it is an annual or perennial herb or woody based sub shrub that takes about 6 months to mature. Traditionally part of the African and Caribbean food cultures, it has spread around the world and is particularly big in West Africa and Jamaica where it is known as Hibiscus flower tea/ Bissap/ Sorrel. Throughout the Caribbean it is an integral part of celebrations. 

Naturally caffeine free.