Hibiscus Turmeric – Herbal Tea

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20 Tea Infusion Pouches


A natural cure for keeping a very healthy body.

 One of the major health benefits of Hibiscus is, it is rich in antioxidants. 

 Hibiscus reduces hot flashes in the body. One of the major health benefits of Hibiscus is, it is rich in antioxidants.  Hibiscus if boiled with hot water or made into herbal tea can reduce high blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels.  Hibiscus is a natural energy booster. The red flowers are a rich source of vitamin C that boosts up body’s energy and metabolism.  The antioxidants found in hibiscus flowers are compared with antioxidants  in red wine.  Hibiscus is a natural cure for hypertension.  Hibiscus flower are nutritious as they are a rich source of vitamin c, minerals and antioxidants.  TURMERIC is a potent natural anti-inflammatory agent; it’s a super healing herb that contributes to your general health and wellness.

Hibiscus reduces hot flashes in the body.

Women can enjoy the health benefit of hibiscus flowers after menopause.

Hibiscus has soothing effects that cools the body down and reduces hot flashes.

Turmeric is arguably the most powerful herb on the planet at fighting and potentially reversing disease. It has so many healing properties that currently there have been 6,235 peer-reviewed articles published proving the benefits of turmeric and one of its renowned healing compounds curcumin. This puts turmeric on top of the list as one of the most frequently mentioned medicinal herbs in all of science and the next most popular studied herbs include garlic, cinnamon, ginseng, ginger and milk thistle. Of the 6000+ studies referencing curcumin, the most interesting finding is that when turmeric is compared to conventional medicine its benefits equal that of many pharmaceutical medications. In fact, a number of studies have even reported that using curcumin is more advantageous than certain prescription drugs.