Rooibos Love Chai – Rooibos

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(100 Grams) Makes 40 Servings

A beautiful herbal chai tea made with rooibos. This tea is fantastic with milk. Enjoy this African chai rich in antioxidants, a cup to savor all season long. This herbal chai tea is smooth and full of flavor, the notes are balanced and it tastes amazing with warm milk. The herbs and spices invoke a calming feel when drinking it. The overall cup is medium bodied and can also be used to bake or cook stews with. This tea is delightful anytime of the day or evening. Try making ice tea with it for a wonderful and surprising taste. Contains: rooibos, ginger, allspice cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, and black peppercorn. A classically spiced herbal blend with butter scotch and toffee.