Black Tea Sample Gift Set

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Gift box includes 4 different tins of 1 oz. of tea each with 20 infusion tea bags per box, . 

 African Black Tea Earl Grey - Usambara  1 oz.

A rich, superb and yummy African Earl Grey black tea. A lasting and superior earl grey taste in every sip. This is a delicious and remarkable Earl Grey tea. It may also be enjoyed with milk at breakfast. Contains Kenyan and Tanzanian black teas. Usambara is the region that grows the lovely Tanzanian black tea. The Kenyan tea used in the blend is from the Kericho region.

Loma Evening Black Tea  1 oz.

The finest African black tea with green apples and blackberry leaves. Naturally harvested and contains caffeine. A strong full body tea. This is a good tea for tasty treats such as pies and cakes. The West African Loma tribe of Liberia and Guinea who enjoy black tea and cakes inspired this tea.

Malawi Black Tea Mélange Blend 1 oz.

Malawi produces amazing tasting teas and you are in for a treat. Hints of citrus orange and notes of tropical fruits wow this tea.
You will be happy to enjoy the rich taste of the Malawi Melange black tea. citrus blood orange and lemon balm adds the Malange flavors of old world Africa. Try it hot with a pinch of honey or iced with slice of lemon. Petals of sunflowers and blue cornflowers petals balance the beauty  of the Malawi BP1, CTC black tea.

Kenyan Mountain Black Tea 1 oz.

An uplifting tea to savor. Enjoy the rich aroma and taste of a superb Kenyan black tea with notes of hibiscus flowers, sunflowers petals and lemon verbena leaf. This tea contains caffeine.  Delicious iced or hot. 

Seven of Kenya's mountains, Mount KenyaMount ElgonMount Satima, Chepunyal Hills, Cherang'any Hills, Mount Kulal, and Mount Ng'iro, are among the ultra prominent peaks of Africa. You will find beautiful tea farms around the mountains of Kenyaat high elevations producing superb tea leaves.