Malawi Zomba Dang Green Pearl Tea

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2.2 oz. Tin

From one of the finest African tea regions and producers we are honored to offer this superior grade tea. This single harvest tea is produced in very limited quantity. It may not be offered year round due to its limited supply. Enjoy the legacy of an African tradition. A tea that evokes the universe of taste. A superb Malawi green tea. The flavor of this tea is captivating with a superb African green oolong character in taste. One of the rare and prized teas of Malawi.

Zomba Region is where this tea is produced in an ecological setting. Zomba is a city in southern Malawi. It was Malawi’s capital until 1975. The British colonial past is evident in the tea culture and local architecture. The Malawi National Herbarium and Botanic Gardens houses rare and medicinal plants in Zomba. The city is at the foot of the Zomba Plateau, which has forest trails, waterfalls and sweeping views over the surrounding plains.