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Green Tea Sample Gift Set

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Gift box includes 4 Tins of 1 oz. of tea each with 20 infusion tea bags per box.  


Green Bliss 1 oz.

Sencha green tea is blended with Kenya  green tea,  rooibos from South Africa is added with a touch of thyme (the herb). The herb of thyme softens the very energizing flavor of this green tea . A spark of dry guava fruit brings in a fruit note for flavor balance. This unique and remarkable green tea infusion will offer a delightful experience to any green tea lover. Contains caffeine. 

Kenyan Green Tea Kapchorua BP1 Green Tea 1 oz.

This is a naturally harvested Kenyan green tea. A fine quality full flavored Kenyan green tea, with rich floral notes. This tea will fulfill your green tea desire if you are looking for a pure green tea delight. It is full of flavor and has an abundance of antioxidants. The rich volcanic soil that this tea grows in adds a very special flavor profile that makes it unique to Eastern Africa Nandi region of Kenya. Physically the tea looks unlike any green tea you may have encountered. This is due to the leaf being picked, cut and then rolled. The process of steaming is skipped. The rolling slightly ferments the leaf, which adds to the flavor. The next step is drying while rolling which yields a slightly dark green mini tea curl. A premium Kenyan green tea with deep floral and earthy taste. 

Jasmine Flower Green Tea - Nile Moon 1 oz.

A distinctive Jasmine green tea with whole jasmine flowers. The flavor is a beautiful blossom of jasmine flower notes with a delicious and tasty green tea character. The flowering jasmine introduces a natural jasmine aroma and flavor. It is very delicate and amazing. The name Jasmine Nile Moon was given to this tea after our founder enjoyed a smooth Jasmine Green Tea along the river Nile in Africa. This tea is a winner. Contains caffeine. 

African Green Rooibos Tea 1 oz.

South African Green Rooibos is made with the same plant as the famous South African Rooibos. After harvesting, Green Rooibos is not oxidized like Red Rooibos. The leaves and stems remain green giving the infusion a bright cup with a unique earthy flavor and a sweet and lite finish. Although less familiar than Red Rooibos, the green rooibos tea is sun dry as it is harvested. This tea is delicate in flavor and texture, high in antioxidants and caffeine free.

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Green Tea Sample Gift Set
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