About Us

  Serengeti Teas & Spices

Welcomes you on an unforgettable expedition of discovery!
We are Located at 22 East 125 Street. New York City 10035
Phone 212 837 1057
All our products are entirely conceived, crafted and delivered by hand to ensure the very finest quality to you. The world of aroma and flavor in our products have no limits - vegetal, woody, floral, robust, classic, marine, earthy, grassy, citrus, fruity, soft tingle, tart and smoky. Using rich bouquets of tea leaves, coffee beans, cocoa beans, herbs, spices and dry fruits brighten the cup. Keeping the coffee and hot chocolate blends balanced and never over roasting the beans ensures taste and an uplifting finished cup for your enjoyment. Your senses of smell and taste help in distinguishing roundness, softness, strength, astringency and aromas. Serengeti Teas and Spices create products to awaken this in you. Learning how to discover and express the sensations and impressions felt while tasting our product will be the next step. Enjoy and be delighted with love from Africa.
Grab To Go Cups of Teas, Coffees, Cocoa/Chocolate served iced or hot.
Reservation is required for Private & Corporate Tastings
For In House Tasting Services Min. 2 and Max 6. 
For Tasting Services please call us during business hours at 212 8371057
Tuesday 12PM - 5PM  &  Wednesday  -  Saturday   12PM - 6PM
 Reservation Tasting Hours 12PM - 10PM Tues. to Sun.