Nairobi Street Chai Black Tea

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3.5 oz. Tin

Our Organic Nairobi Street Chai features delicious chai spices, Kenyan Lesla FBOP and Kericho black teas, also Tanzanian CTC & BP1 black teas with a dash of ginger, cardamom, clove, ashanti spice, safflowers, and cinnamon. A complex and superior tasting African chai, imparting a unique chai taste. The chai spices come to life in every sip while uplifting the body and spirit. Organic and contains caffeine. This is one of our customers favorite teas. This tea was first made in 1964 when Lucretia Caranda (Our Founders Grand Mother) visited Kenyan Farming Estates. Today we carry on making this chai just like Grand Ma LULU did and hold it dear to our hearts. 

Chai tea herbs and spices contains more polyphenols than most fruits and vegetables, meaning that drinking chai tea on a daily basis can help protect overall cell health. Clove and Cinnamon are ranked among the herbs with highest antioxidant levels and the Nairobi Street Chai contains both of these spices. A remarkable chai for your health and enjoyment.