African Black Tea Gift Set

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This gift box includes 4 oz.Tins of each tea, Tea Infusion Filters,

Fully Gift Wrapped

Teas Included

African Black Tea, Pomegranate and Rosehips - Dahomey  4 oz.

This tea is named in honor of the Dahomey Kingdom of Benin, West Africa. This tea contains a delightful combination of Rwandan black tea, pomegranate, rosehips, rooibos, lavender, hibiscus flowers, mango, lemon verbena and blackberry leaves. A perfect twist for an afternoon tea treat or delightful as an iced tea. 

African Black Tea and Tropical Fruits - Ewuare  4 oz.

The name Ewuare is a royal name specifically referring to the Edo Kingdom of West Africa. This complex and rather deliciously tropical  tea contains Malawi black tea, guava, papaya, coconut, pineapples, hibiscus, apples and wild hibiscus. A tea for anytime of the day or lovely with sweet cakes and pastries. Try this tea after dinner as a finishing tea with touch of honey. 
African Black Tea Earl Grey - Usambara  4 oz.

A rich, superb and yummy African Earl Grey black tea. A lasting and superior earl grey taste in every sip. This is a delicious and remarkable Earl Grey tea. It may also be enjoyed with milk at breakfast. Contains Kenyan and Tanzanian black teas. Usambara is the region that grows the lovely Tanzanian black tea. The Kenyan tea used in the blend is from the Kericho region.

African Black Tea  - Lesla FBOP 4 oz

Kenya, one of the finest African tea regions and producers we are honored to offer this superior grade African FBOP tea. It is exceptional in taste. This single harvest tea is produced in very limited quantity. It may not be offered year round due to its limited supply. Enjoy the legacy of an African tradition. A tea that evokes the universe of taste. A tea with amazing taste followed by a layer of rich black tea character. The finish is even, yet bold and smooth.

Black Teas Contain Caffeine.

Tea Filter Infusion Bags are enclosed in this gift.