Almond Chai – Longhorned Wildebeest Rooibos Chai

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75 Grams Tin - Makes 30 Servings 

This exquisite, velvety chai makes a delicious all-weather treat for anytime of day. Perfect for all seasons, it is a surprising and sumptuous almond chai. Rooibos, chai spices, and whole almonds set the tone for a delicious chai tea .  One of our finest herbal chai teas. This Almond Chai is surprising, smooth with just the right amount of chai spices for that special cup..  Contains: Rooibos, Chai Spices, Sliced Almonds, Cardamom, Cinnamon and Ginger. An Herbal Caffeine free chai tea.

This tea honors the migration of the African Long horned Wildebeests yearly journey through the Serengeti.