Kosabei Black Tea - Kenyan
3.5 oz. Tin  1.75 oz. Pouch Kenyan Kosabei black tea. Rare, Uncommon and Delicious. A brisk and bold malt taste, with caramel and burnt sugar characteristic in flavor profile.  Contains - Kenyan Kosabei Black Tea Contains - Caffeine
from $12.00
Malawi Tropical Fruit Green Tea
2.2 oz. Tin 1.1 oz. Pouch This single harvest Malawi green tea evokes the universe of taste. A tropical fruit green tea treat. The flavor of this tea is captivating with coconut, guave, hibiscus and pineapple. Contains - Malawi Green...
from $14.00
Silver Needle Bergamot Rose White Tea - Kenyan
2.2 oz. Tin 1.1 oz. Pouch This single harvest tea is produced in very limited quantity.  A fantastic white tea from Kenya. This tea consists of the very special Kenyan Silver Needle tea with an elegant, smooth flavor. A great...
from $16.50
Silver Needle Peach White Tea - Kenyan
2.2 oz. Tin 1.1 oz Pouch Exceptional in taste. This Kenyan Sliver needle peach tea is a fantastic white tea from Kenya with a delightful and delicious peach finish. Rare  Contains - Kenyan Sliver Needle White Tea, Peach, Hibiscus Contains...
from $16.00
Kenyan Lesla FBOP Black Tea
4 oz. Tin  2 oz. Pouch  The Kenyan Lesla an amazing mild black tea. The finish is rich in taste with a lite malt character. Smooth and Mildly Bold Contains - Kenyan Lesla Black Tea Contains - Caffeine
from $12.00
Kenyan Sencha Green Tea
2.2 oz. Tin 1.1 oz. Pouch  This is a Kenyan Sencha Green tea. A special sencha tea that opens the taste buds for more. The uniqueness of this Kenyan sencha is the natural  sweet green tea taste with an elegant...
from $14.00
Malawi Silver Needle White Tea - Malawi
2.2 oz. Tin  1.1 oz. Pouch Malawi Silver Needle white tea is a white tea with a mild flavor profile. Delicate flavors of melon and dry plum.  The shape of the leaf is curved with soft shades of silver, browns...
from $20.00
Kenyan Silver Needle White Tea
2.2 oz. Tin  1.1 oz. Pouch From one of the finest African tea regions and producers we are honored to offer this premium Kenyan Silver Needle White Tea. A delicate refine white Kenyan tea. Spectacular flavor, mild and elegant, hints...
from $18.00
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