Mixed Tea Sample Gift Set

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Each Gift Box includes 4 different 1 oz. tin of tea each with 20 double infusion tea bags per box. 

 African Black Tea Earl Grey - Usambara  1 oz.

A rich, superb and yummy African Earl Grey black tea. A lasting and superior earl grey taste in every sip. This is a delicious and remarkable Earl Grey tea. It may also be enjoyed with milk at breakfast. Contains Kenyan and Tanzanian black teas. Usambara is the region that grows the lovely Tanzanian black tea. The Kenyan tea used in the blend is from the Kericho region.

Tropical Fruit Herbal Tea 1 oz.

The seductive aromas and flavors of the African tropics come alive to dazzle your taste buds as you warm up and relax with every sip. Hibiscus flowers open a citrus tart flavor at first sip with a smooth rooibos character and a refreshing citrus lemon flavor. You will get hints of African tropical cinnamon spice throughout the cupping of this tea. Lively notes of rosehips and naturally sweet apples and a hint of wild berries adds to the flavor profile and enjoyment of drinking the tropical spices herbal tea.  Enjoy! This tea is also available as an iced tea. Contains rooibos, hibiscus, cinnamon, berries and lemon myrtle. Delicious flavors of lemon and hibiscus inform this herbal infusion. Organic and caffeine free. 

Kenya White Tea - The Safari Seduction Lavender Blend 1 oz.

This tea is full of lavender flowers with mint leaves that awaken the soft flavor profile of the Nandi Rift Valley White Tea. The lavender flowers, so amazing and soothing. This tea is perfect after a long day. Soothing, calming and magical in taste. The caffeine level is mild. 

Jasmine Green Tea Blend - Jasmine Nile Moon 1 oz.

A distinctive blend of green Jasmine tea, green Rooibos herb from South Africa, and whole jasmine flowers. The flavor is bright and floral. The jasmine flower blossoms have delicious natural taste and the green tea is strong and not overwhelming. The flowering jasmine blossoms introduces a natural jasmine aroma also. It is very delicate and amazing. The name Jasmine Nile Moon was given to this tea after our founder enjoyed a smooth Jasmine Green Tea along the river Nile in Africa. Organic contains caffeine.