Kenkeliba or Kinkeliba – Herbal Infusion

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2.5 oz. (20 Infusion Pouches Enclosed)

Kinkeliba (Combretum micranthum) – also known as dutè and seh-haw – is a greenish/reddish/brown West African herbal tea that grows spontaneously on barren lowlands in Senegal, Benin and Gambia. Its leaves are widely employed in local African holistic health and traditional medicines to treat a long list of illnesses, ranging from fatigue to hepatitis, headache, cramps, pain, a general health remedy and delicious herbal infusion that has a mild lemon verbena taste. This tea can be enjoyed anytime of the day and contains no caffeine. Kinkeliba leaves – which are usually picked when they are still green then air-dried – can be consumed in the form of an infusion – obtained by brewing a tablespoon of leaves.