Alfalfa – Raw Honey

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Alfalfa honey is produced extensively from the alfalfa flowers purple or blue blossoms, this raw honey is light in color with a subtle flavor profile and mildly scented floral aroma. Its delicate nature doesn't overpower other flavors, making it a favorite choice for tea lovers, chefs, culinary treats,  moms, our founder grand mom loved  alfalfa raw honey, chefs for their baked foods and a fine raw table honey. Not as sweet as most honey types, it is a preferred choice for combining with other ingredients or enjoying straight from the jar.

The nutritional value of alfalfa raw honey makes it one of the healthiest honey options available, but it also has some neat added benefits that aren’t as widely known.

  • If you’re suffering from a sore throat due to allergies or a cold, alfalfa raw honey is a great natural throat soother.
  • Eating a small amount of alfalfa raw honey before a workout helps your body stay nourished longer and delays fatigue, and it even gives you an extra boost of energy.
  • Alfalfa raw honey is also a great source of antioxidants. Raw honey not only has a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals, but it also contains the flavonoid pinocembrin which is unique to honey. Pinostrobin supports and promotes healthy enzyme activity.