Organic Honeybush Tea

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3.5 oz. Tin 

Honeybush Herbal Tea

Honeybush similar to Rooibos in texture with a sweet natural honey flavor, naturally  delicious hot or iced and caffeine free. This is a tea that can be enjoyed daily or even before bed. It can be used with milk for breakfast or even made as an iced tea. A healthy choice for your enjoyment and general health. This is a caffeine free tea.  

Honeybush tea may provide additional health benefits, including:
  • Anti-obesity potential.
  • honeybush
  •  Antioxidants in honeybush tea may inhibit fat accumulation in young fat cells.
  • Relief of menopausal symptoms.
  • Immune system support.
  • Alleviated respiratory symptoms.
Benefits Of Honeybush Tea
  • High Level of Antioxidants.
  • Boost Metabolic System.
  • Prevents Cancer.
  • Relieve Asthma.
  • Treats Cough & Cold.
  • Prevent Stomach Woes.
  • Heals Sore Throat.
  • Prevents Bacterial Infections.