Pure Green Tea - Bold Green Tea
4 oz. Tin 2 oz. Pouch This tea is perfect for those seeking a strong and bold pure green tea. A classic gunpowder green tea which is enjoyed by many throughout Africa. We welcome you to try this classic gunpowder...
from $10.00
Kinkeliba – Herbal Tea
Kinkeliba Tea 2.5 oz.  Tin 16 to 20 Servings Kenkeliba, is a leafy West African herbal tea. It grows spontaneously on barren lowlands. The caffeine free herbal tea leaves are widely used in African tea drinking ceromonies. This tea can...
Iced Hibiscus Berry Tea
3.5 oz. Tin  1.75 oz. Pouch A yummy iced hibiscus flower and mixed berry tea. One of our most popular teas.You will enjoy the flavors of black berries, blue berries, raspberries, elderberries and hibiscus flowers. The beauty of this tea is...
from $16.50
Cranberry Mango Tea - Rooibos
3.5 oz. Tin  1.75 oz. Pouch A yummy Cranberry and Mango fruit tea. The cranberry flavors adds its natural tart sweetness. Full of succulent cranberry taste with the mango balancing the cup adding to zest and flavor. Enjoy cranberry and...
from $14.00
Destress Tea
50 Grams Tin. 30 servings 25 Grams Pouch. 15 servings 20 Infusion Teabags Pouch Destress Tea contributes to a Calming, Relaxation, and Balancing of the body, soul and mind. Comforting and soothing. Tulsi leaf adds an enjoyable taste, soothing, and full...
from $14.00
Guava Black Tea - Eware
3.5 oz. Tin 1.75 oz. Pouch A flavor journey, bold black tea taste, with flavors of tropical guava, fruits and hibiscus flowers. A tea for anytime of the day. A perfect tea for an afternoon cup.  Contains - Malawi black...
from $24.00
Cranberry Hibiscus Black Tea - Cranberry Bliss
3.5 oz. Tin  1.75 oz. Pouch A bold cranberry and hibiscus tea. A yummy and succulent taste with tart cranberries. The hibiscus adds flavor with oranges and raspberry which elevates the taste.  Contains: Cranberry, Hibiscus, Kenyan Black Tea, Raspberry Contains...
from $14.50
Bissap Tea - Hibiscus
12 Each (16 oz. Infusion Pouches, 1 Pouch Per 16 oz of water) Brewing Instructions Included Serve Iced or as a Hot Herbal Bissap Tea. This is a blend of finely crushed bissap aka hibiscus flowers, and whole hibiscus flowers...
Detox Turmeric Tea
  Natural Detox Turmeric Tea 16 Infusion Tea Bags Pouch - 1 Week Detox Tea 32 Infusion Tea Bags Pouch - 2 Weeks Detox Tea Detox Turmeric Tea - Aiding Inflammation, Circulation, Digestion, while contributing to Reviving & Cleansing the...
from $12.00
Kenyan Lesla FBOP Black Tea
4 oz. Tin  2 oz. Pouch  The Kenyan Lesla an amazing mild black tea. The finish is rich in taste with a lite malt character. Smooth and Mildly Bold Contains - Kenyan Lesla Black Tea Contains - Caffeine
from $12.00
Kenyan Sencha Green Tea
2.2 oz. Tin 1.1 oz. Pouch  This is a Kenyan Sencha Green tea. A special sencha tea that opens the taste buds for more. The uniqueness of this Kenyan sencha is the natural  sweet green tea taste with an elegant...
from $14.00
Moringa Mint Tea
20 Infusion Tea Bags  REFRESH & REVIVE    Our Moringa Mint tea supports a healthy and delicious tea lifestyle. Unlike regular teas, moringa has zero caffeine and can be enjoyed by all. A clean earthy taste with an herbal mint...
Organic Green and Red Rooibos Tea
3.5 oz. Tin  1.75 oz. Pouch This is a combination of South African Red Rooibos and Green Rooibos teas. A perfect combination of the delicious natural honey flavor in red rooibos with the lite flavor of lemon verbena in green rooibos....
from $14.00
Iced Bassa Blood Orange Tea
3.5 oz. Tin  1.75 oz. Pouch A very delicious iced blood orange tea. Blood oranges, hibiscus flowers with rosehips and citrus oranges creates a fun zesty citrus iced tea.    The citrus blood oranges awakens the flavors and captures the...
from $16.50
Mint Bissap Tea - Hibiscus Mint Tea
 12 Each Enclosed - (16 oz. Infusion Pouches -1 Pouch Per 16 oz. of water)  Instructions included. Served Iced or as a Hot Herbal Bissap Tea. Mint is the key to this bissap blend with an aromatic mint flavor and...
2.2 oz. 60 Grams 1.1 oz. 30 Grams This white tea from an extraordinary region of Kenya. The tea is mild with a very clean taste. The flavor is rare with hints of dry fruit. Satisfying.  Contains - Kenyan Rift...
from $16.50
Turmeric Ginger Lemon - 8 oz. Bottle Set of 4 Ea.
Organic Turmeric Ginger Lemon - Tea  A best Seller   8 oz Bottle Set of 4  A Healthy Turmeric Ginger Lemon Tea.  Uplifting and Refreshing   Contains - Organic Turmeric, Organic Ginger, Organic Rooibos,   Naturally Caffeine Free
Malawi Silver Needle White Tea - Malawi
2.2 oz. Tin  1.1 oz. Pouch Malawi Silver Needle white tea is a white tea with a mild flavor profile. Delicate flavors of melon and dry plum.  The shape of the leaf is curved with soft shades of silver, browns...
from $20.00
Sold Out
Madagascar Barley Rice Tea
6 oz Tin Toasted Wild Madagascar Barley and Toasted Wild Rice Tea to calm and relax. You will also enjoy  toasted chamomile flower buds and toasted ginger in this rice tea.
from $16.50
Dakar Lemon Bissap - Hibiscus Lemon Tea
12 Each (16 oz. Infusion Pouches, 1 Pouch Per 16 oz. of water) Brewing Instructions Included Served Iced or as a Hot Herbal Bissap Tea. Lemon Bissap is a citrus lemon infusion blended with hibiscus flowers. A Yummy and refreshing...
Hibiscus, Coconut, Verbena - Black Tea
3.5 oz. Tin  1.75 oz. Pouch An exotic, tropical black tea, highlighted with toasted coconut, hibiscus flowers and lemon verbena. A buttery toasted coconut, tart and zesty hibiscus, succulent papaya with a soft lemon taste, very fulfilling. Contains Kenyan Black...
from $14.50
Rose Flower, Mint Black Tea -Marrakesh Night Whisper
3.5 oz. Tin  1.75 oz. Pouch A superb black tea with rose flowers and mint.  A tea with the flavors and aromas of rose flower petals, a subtle touch of lemon verbena and the marrakesh mint leaf is Bold and...
from $16.50
Smoked Rose Flower Black Tea - Masai Lion's Head
3.5 oz. Tin  1.75 oz. Pouch A floral smokey character, with soothing chamomile, bold black tea and citrus orange. Flavor power is what you will enjoy.  Contains - Kenyan Black Tea, Rose Petals, Chamomile, Hibiscus Flowers, Blood Orange, Rosehips, and...
from $22.50
Kenyan Silver Needle White Tea
2.2 oz. Tin  1.1 oz. Pouch From one of the finest African tea regions and producers we are honored to offer this premium Kenyan Silver Needle White Tea. A delicate refine white Kenyan tea. Spectacular flavor, mild and elegant, hints...
from $18.00
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